At Grace Baptist Church, it is our firm belief that we are to be personally involved in the work of missions.  We also believe that mission work is to start at home(Pampa) and work its way throughout the rest of the world.  Because of this belief, we regularly participate in community outreach and provide opportunities for our members to be financially involved in supporting missionaries.  Our missionary families primary objective is to see people come to know the Lord in a personal relationship, baptize them, train them in the teachings of scripture, and start New Testament Baptist churches.

Missionary Families/Projects of Grace Baptist Church:

Jacque Alexandre Family - Haiti

Bill Rice Ranch - Murfreesboro, TN

John Catalan Family - Philippines

Kolin Hendrix Family - England

Brent Givens Family - New Orleans, Louisiana

Kyler Kerr Family - Zambia

Caleb McCollum Family - Germany

Adam McGeorge Family - Nauru

Jason Stevens Family - Honduras

Ron Winter - Mexico

-We also support missionaries in *closed* fields.