Men's Prayer Meeting:

At Grace Baptist Church, we believe there is power in prayer.  Because of this, at 7:15 on Sunday mornings, the men and boys who desire to meet, gather together and spend time in prayer for the needs of our church, family, friends, and community.  After our time of prayer, we enjoy fellowship with one another over breakfast.  Our time of prayer and fellowship for the men and boys has proven to be a blessing to our church.


Bus Route:

Each week, visits are made by Sunday School teachers and others in the church in an effort to find those who would like to attend church, but do not have transportation available to them.  Through the years, we have been able to bring many to church through this ministry and have also been able to impact many lives.  Should you need free transportation to our services, please call the church at (806) 669-7967.


Sunday School:

Before the morning service, the church enjoys assembling for what is commonly referred to as Sunday School.  While children are separated according to age, we also offer two adult classes where scripture is taught/ discussed.  Not only does Sunday School provide a wonderful teaching environment, it also allows us to build stronger relationships with those in our church through the means of smaller groups.  Sunday School begins at 10:00.


Jr. Church:

Every Sunday morning, while the adults participate in the morning worship service, there is another service taking place that we simply call "Jr. Church".  Jr. Church is designed to be on the level of children and involves games, singing fun songs, and stories from the bible.  The only exception to this schedule is the first Sunday of each month.  On the first Sunday of the month, we join together in the auditorium to introduce our children to the "feel" of a Sunday morning service.  Jr. Church is for children through the age of 12.